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Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.

Jimi Hendrix

KRISHNA School of Music Pushkar

Krishna Music School located in the sacred town Pushkar and run by Vini Devda who holds experience of decade. Vini began learning Indian Classical Music at the age of five and is an established classical vocalist of repute today. Vini possesses the versatility and plays and teachs Tabla and along with vocal and tabla Vini can also play harmonium extremely well. He performs in the light classical genres tarana , sadra, thumri and Gazals. Vini obtained double diploma known as Sangeet Visharat in the year of 2003 and further gained the knowledge of music from Lakhnau Gharana. Tourists can utilize their vacation to learn Music under the guiadence of Specail Gurus at Krishna Music School, Pushkar where the courses have designed the especially for foreign tourists to teach from Basic to Advance in very short span of time. Krishna Music School Pushkar provides a friendly environment to learn musical instrument. Special attention paid to every student as theory of our institute is to provide personal classes which improve their skills and allow the student and teacher to make a practical assessment of progress. ..

  • Morning Classes

    10am-2pm. Personal Classes
    At Krishna School of Music, Pushkar all the Indian Classical subjects are taught as per interest of students.

    Evening Classes

    3am-8pm. Personal and Group Classes
    Krishna School of Music, Pushkar all the Indian Classical subjects are taught as per interest of students.... read more →

  • Information will be Published Soon
Information will be Published Soon


Chokhi - soul of rajasthan

Music is listened, felt and expressed but not described. Chokhi –a rajasthani fusion band shaped in 2013 by a group music lover lead by Vini Devda with a dedication to represent Rajasthani Music in an all new fusion approach rich. Rajasthani culture is in the blood of artists of Chokhi band which reflects in the composition of band. Delicacy of Rajasthan mirrors in tracks of Chokhi , as the band play its own composition simply a soul of Rajasthan.

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